In 2016, Gilead added Inclusion as one of the company’s five core values. That’s because we know that we are stronger and more innovative at Gilead when we are informed by a diverse set of backgrounds, experiences and points of view.

Our Inclusion & Diversity program aims to promote an inclusive and high-performing workplace culture. We want all of our employees to embrace and leverage each other’s talents and diverse perspectives, foster a sense of belonging, achieve their full career potential and contribute to Gilead’s success.

Defining Diversity and Inclusion at Gilead

Diversity at Gilead means recognizing and accepting all the ways in which we differ. It includes visible differences – such as age, gender, ethnicity and physical appearance – as well as underlying differences – such as thinking styles, religion, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation and education.
Inclusion at Gilead means creating and fostering a working environment where our differences are valued and people feel involved, respected and connected.

Gilead Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

ERGs are an integral part of Gilead’s Inclusion & Diversity program and are open to all employees across our global workforce. ERGs foster networks of our employees that help spark innovation, accelerate employee development and make a difference at Gilead and in our communities.
To date, Gilead has established the following ERGs:

The mission of the Gilead Asian Interest Network (GAIN) is to promote a culture of inclusion and diversity by creating a sense of community through events and programming that shares and supports our membership to bring awareness to the diverse cultures that represent Asian employees across Gilead and foster cultural understanding amongst ourselves and our colleagues. We also aim to highlight the voices and strengths of our members by identifying networking, career development and/or mentorship opportunities.

GLOBE:  Gilead Leadership Organization of Black Employees (GLOBE) is comprised of approximately 250 members across Gilead offices worldwide, committed to promote an inclusive and productive work environment by enhancing professional development, building a sense of community and cultural awareness, empowering and cultivating leadership among people of African descent, and creating opportunities where all people are valued.

Women at Gilead is a global network dedicated to recruiting, developing, supporting and retaining female employees across our offices. This ERG helps to ensure that every woman in the workplace is valued, empowered and given ample professional opportunities to thrive within our organization.

The LGBT Alliance at Gilead is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and accepting work environment where gender diversity is celebrated, a strong sense of community exists and people feel empowered to contribute toward Gilead’s success.

Gileados is an employee resource group (ERG) whose members are committed to embracing, fostering and sharing the multifaceted Latino culture within their professional communities, with the goal of enhancing recruitment and retention of diverse talent across Gilead.

Gilead’s Veterans Engagement Team (GVET) is an employee resource group (ERG) that aims to recognize, appreciate and support veterans, active duty military and their families by providing employment opportunities, professional development, team building and joint service to our communities.

Workforce diversity leads to increased diversity of thought and innovation, which are both critical as Gilead's business grows and becomes more complex, helping us better serve patients around the world.